Export Group Technical Services and Technological Equipment

Subject to Export Division is responsible for the export of engineering services, technical assistance, equipment and machinery in the field of the sugar industry to any country in the world.

Services and Products exported:


• Agricultural and industrial diagnostics
• Technical Economic Feasibility Study
• Agricultural Studies
• Technical Audits
• Consultancy and Advice
• Program Design Development
• Analytical Services Laboratory
• Basic Engineering of Plants
• Engineering Projects.
• Technical assistance.
• Transfer of technology and know-how.
• Software and Implementation Services.
• Training and staff training.
• Training courses and graduate.
• Contract research services.

Exports of goods
• Export of equipment and parts for the sugar industry, second-hand refurbished
• Export of equipment parts and new parts of national production

Triangulated supply operations
• Operations triangulated international sale of goods as part of packages of supplies

Associated institutions and group companies

For the provision of services outside the Group has the technical scientific support of companies and institutions AZCUBA Sugar Group:

• National Research Institute of Sugarcane (INICA)
• Cuban Research Institute derivatives Sugarcane (ICIDCA)
• Engineering and Construction Company for Sugar Industry (IPROYAZ)
• Industrial Technical Services Company (Zeti)
• National Training Center Azucarera (CNCA)
• All sugar companies in Cuba