Smith Comas

Smith Comas
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Smith Comas

Smith Comas: museum belonging to the UEB Jose Antonio Echeverria (former Arechavala) located 7 ½ km from the city of Cardenas and 20km from the Varadero beach resort.. Place where you come to know about the sugar industry in Cuba, arousing great interest among visitors, and has a good share this heritage with the world.

Progress The sugar mill was founded at the end of the first decade of the nineteenth century, at that time the main sugar region of the island was the jurisdiction of Cardenas. In 1903 he was installed a refinery, since 1921 Central passes having long distance telephone services, mail and railway station in the batey. In 1925 the owner becomes the first locomotives, the distillery was founded in 1944 and in 1956 the yeast factory.

The facility have different areas that illustrate the path taken by the sugar: the bits and pieces of the process of obtaining cane sugar. Garden varieties showing 40 varieties of sugarcane collection of 28 steam locomotives, among others.

During the visit has the ability to:

- Taste the cane juice in its natural form livened up with Cuban music
- Enjoy a thrilling ride on a steam train in the early twentieth century.

Museum Manager: Rafael Hernandez Pinero

Address: Central Smith Comas, Cardenas. Matanzas

Phone: 045 543114