Silage food for pigs

Silage food for pigs

Feed TECNOAZUCAR also produces from derivatives complement sugarcane production of meat, which help ensure the supply of workers in the sector, especially in periods of sugar cane harvest.

Silage food for pigs

The ensiled feed is a mixture of root vegetables, cream Sacharomyces, vinasse and Honey B, it can replace up to 60% of the maize covered in pig rations used with a durability of up to 6 months.

Basic formulation:

Honey B: 20%.
Saccharomyces cream: 30%.
Vinasse: 10%.
Vianda: 40%.


Dry matter: 25%.
Protein (B. S): 8 - 9%.
P. H: 3.8 - 4.0.
Minerals: Calcium 2.5%
                 0.7% phosphoru

Silage for their chemical characteristics and low pH, can contribute positively in reducing diarrheal diseases, so the best way is to establish a scale supply which progressively feed the piglets from weaning to a good adaptation of the gastrointestinal tract.