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“A” Refine sugar
Data Sheet

The Refine Cuban sugar in all its variants is been produced starting from carefully selected sugar cane and using cultivation technologies that guarantee a minimum of application of chemical fertilizers. The production of the different variants of A and Super A Refine  possesses a quality control system that guarantees too that in each step of the process the parameters that our more rigorous clients demand


Polarization (minimum)                      99.5%  

Humidity (maximum)                          0.10% 

Sugars reducers (maximum)             0.30% 

Color UH (maximum)                          7.0 

Ashy (maximum)                                 0.25% 

Sulfur Dioxide                                      10ppm

Floculation                                           0

Nutritional Information

Size for portion 1 cdta (4g)

Calories                                                                15 

Fats and Sodium                                                0 

Proteins                                                                0 


Minidosis of 6 g  

Bags of 1 kg 

Sacks of 50 kg