Marcelo Salado

Marcelo Salado
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Marcelo Salado

Marcelo Salado: Only 5 km from the 8th Villa Remedios and doors Cayo Santa María Polo Tourist between us and similar distance 52 km of Santa Clara, the city of Che, can find the Museum Marcelo Salado Sugar Industry in the 3 ½ km of road Caibarién - Remedios, in the municipality of Caibarién, Villa Clara province.

With an area with over 250 years of tradition in the cultivation of sugar cane that has evolved from the most primitive tools to extract the cane juice, passing through the mill, the Ingenio and subsequently become industry in 1891 where It was named Central "Reform"; later in the process of nationalization in 1960 accorded the Marcelo Salado Lastra name in honor of a martyr of Caibarien.

A welcome cocktail Guarapo, the country's natural juice sweet; and the story told by images from the origin of sugar cane, his arrival in Cuba and his starring role for several centuries in our nation, the basis for the beginning of his visit.
Its main areas are: "From the Central Trapiche", "Handling of Sugar," "Steam Generation", "Manufacturing", "Agro mechanization", "History of the Railroad" Theme Park Steam Locomotives.


Museum Manager: Mileidys Perez Monte

Address: Carretera Caibarién - Remedios Km 3 1 / 2.CAI Marcelo Salado.

Caibarien. Villa Clara

Postal Code: 54300

Phone: 042 363586