How arrived at?

Central old Trinidad (Today FNTA) founded by Americans in 1892. The October 13, 1960 is nationalized by the revolutionary government, becoming property of the people, from that date by agreement of its workforce FNTA, name of the first National Federation of Sugar Workers, was named founded by the late leader Jesus Menendez workers Larrondo. His last harvest was made in 2004, remaining paralyzed and preserved from that date, to become once the investment process culminates in FNTA MUSEUM

As part of the technical and historical appeal, which is presented in this museum they are exhibited steam locomotive with carts lines were responsible for moving the cane cut from the reeds, to Ingenio.A parking lot or train station, typical colonial to  get off the tourist train and a peasant visitors RANCHON is provided for the enjoyment of visitors is ensured.

Rooms: history  and video, área planta moledora, área de fabricación de azúcar, área de generación de vapor, locomotoras de vapor, el basculador del Ingenio, cuchillas picadoras de caña, los molinos, tanque de jugo mezclado, bombas de guarapo mezclado, calentadores de guarapo, clarificador, filtros rotatorios al vacío, tanque receptor de jugo clarificado, calentadores de guarapo clarificado, vasos evaporadores, tachos, cristalizador, centrifugas, planta moledora, planta eléctrica.

How arrived at: Central FNTA Batey, Trinidad.  Sancti Spíritus, UEB Sancti Spíritus

Museum Manager: Elvis Zúñiga Merino
Address: Batey Central FNTA. Trinidad. Provincia: Sancti Spíritus
Phone: 045 997104
E-mail: oreste.toledo@tass.azcuba.cu