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Chico chico candy coffee with milk
Data Sheet

Data sheet               

Scent: Characteristic of the declared flavor  

Flavor: Sweet with the declared flavor. 

Color: Characteristic of the declared flavor  

Aspect: Well formed, whole and without rebarbas 

Consistency: Compact and resistant, fragile to the mastication  

Physical and chemical specifications. 

Sugar reducers                                    12-18% 

Humidity                                                  2% max  

Size of the portion                                4.5 g 

Energy content                      

Value daily Lime                                  20 

Total fat                                                 0.0 

Saturated fat                                        0.0 

Cholesterol                                          0.0 

Sodium                                                 15 mg 

Total carbohydrates                           4.0 

Fibers                                                    0.0 

Sugar                                                    4.0 

Proteins                                               0.0 

Vitamin A and C                                 0.0% 

Iron and Calcium                               0.0% 

Packing: In bags of laminate and Personalized BOPP. PE big bags of 10 kg.      

Conservation conditions: Fresh and dry place.